Zwischen Selbst und Organisation – Publication on the Reorganization of GEH8

After the first few years of start-up and build-up, it was time to develop a strategy for our future organization. We had to find answers to essential questions – among others: How could the exhibition and project operations be professionalized in the future while still maintaining the qualities and freedoms of an off-space? How could we obtain a stable organizational basis in favor of focusing on the quality of the artistic projects? These and other questions were to be answered by coaching on the re-organization of the association’s structure.

We were looking for an approach that would sustainably help to overcome the balancing act between voluntary commitment, association membership, free artistic work and personal livelihood. The course and result of the one-year reorganization process was documented in a three-part publication. On the one hand, it comprehensibly depicts the development of GEH8 Kunstraum und Ateliers e.V., and on the other hand, it describes the challenges and potentials of self-organized production and presentation venues for contemporary art.

Zwischen Selbst und Organisation – Ein Erfahrungbericht

Part 1: Portrait and development of the GEH8 Kunstraum und Ateliers e.V. (Din A5, 34 pages)
Part 2: The reorganization process (Din A5, 26 pages)
Part 3: The organization (Din A5, 42 pages)

The three-part publication can be purchased for a donation of 27 Euros.