This is how it went at the graffiti workshops

Well equipped with plenty of spray cans, OUR SPACE started into the summer of 2021. Freshly primed, the concrete feet of the flag installation were like a white canvas on the first day of the workshop. But that didn’t last long! Already at the first meeting, the participants started their attempts at graffiti with bright colors.


Images © Tiziana Foit

Thanks to the support of SPIKE URBAN, there was a huge table full of materials on each workshop day, which the participants* could freely help themselves to. There was nothing left to be desired in order to get creative! With the right materials, it’s much easier to work. The spray heads – the small “heads” of the graffiti cans – are available in a variety of designs, e.g. to spray surfaces better or to draw finer lines.

On the second day of the workshop, we were finally able to get started: with the participants’ first real designs. But we found graffiti from another event on the concrete feet. But no problem! Because graffiti colors can be easily sprayed over other pictures, modified – so you can work with them and complement them. The participants were able to work much better with their own sketches. They could see directly on the object whether the proportions fit. All course participants supported each other with ideas and help… real team work!

On the last day of the workshop, things got colorful… With the finished stencils, it was off to work. Thanks to the cut-out shapes, the participants were able to create the concrete feet of the flag installation in no time.

By the way: Course instructor Christian also immortalized himself on the concrete feet of the flags. The result was a fresh pineapple on a South Sea island in the ocean. Just come by the GEH8 summer garden and have a look at the graffiti!