Film about the performance lecture of the project “*Topie-Space is the case” (Copyright: Aestetic-Trust Network,Jannis Jott,Sebastian Wanke)

#DresdenNachhaltig – GEH8 signs the “Dresden Charter for Sustainability in the Cultural Sector” (Copyright: City of Dresden)

GEH8-TV – Exhibition “Grüner wird´s nicht!?” from 25.6. – 18.7.2021

GEH8-TV – 3rd Verstärker Art Film Festival from 24. & 25.9.2021

GEH8 wins the eku Future Award with the “Real Insect Estates” project

Love on Sound concert by JEFFK at GEH8

Documentation-Film to the project Frei.Raum.Direkt 2021

OUR SPACE Graffiti Workshop 2021

GEH8-TV – Interview with Susanne Engelhardt

GEH8-TV – Interview with Thomas Judisch

GEH8 exhibition “Textile Raumnahme”

GEH8 exhibition “Textile Raumnahme – Transformationprocess”

OUR SPACE Autumn Course 2020

OUR SPACE summer course 2020

Vernissage to the exhibiton “LAGE LAGE LAGE III” by André Tempel at VASISTAS-TV

OUR SPACE summer course 2019

GEH8 virtual tour through our space

Performance “UNDO” by Daniela Lehmann

Performance “Aggregation 2” by André Obermüller

Performance “TRACCE #3” by urbane space

Tour “nichts”, 2021

First Steps of GEH8