About us

GEH8 KUNST RAUM ATELIERS gUG is a non-profit association in Dresden for the promotion of contemporary art. Founded in 2007 as a studio community of artists, architects, designers and urban planners in a former Deutsche Bahn wagon repair workshop, GEH8 has developed into an important production and presentation space for contemporary art.

Here you can work and exhibit in one place

Art is produced, presented and communicated in 10 studios and a 300 sqm exhibition hall. Artists who have their studios on site develop and supervise diverse exhibitions and projects. The door to the artist’s studio opens to the public directly from the exhibition space and equally in the opposite direction for the artist. The resulting exchange enables both the public and the artists to engage in forms of discussion that are rarely possible in institutional exhibition contexts.

Art seen in a social context

The focus of our work is the artistic examination of social developments. We consider possible causes and, with the help of artistic means, illustrate their effects on cities, rural regions, social structures and individuals. We are also interested in testing artistic and cultural practices with regard to their suitability for citizen participation processes and for culturally guided urban development.

Interdisciplinarity lived

Our concern is to link visual artists with musicians, dancers, writers, philosophers, scientists and performing artists. The exhibitions are accompanied by workshops, lectures or discussions and other discursive event formats.

International exchange cultivated

GEH8 deals with questions that correspond to the current contemporary art discourse also on a supra-regional level. Therefore, numerous international contacts, networks and cooperations with artists and institutions are cultivated.

We continue to experiment

In the years of its existence, GEH8 KUNST RAUM ATELIERS gUG has developed from an initiative of artists into an established institution for contemporary art. Thanks to funding from the City of Dresden, the Office for Culture and Monument Protection, the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony and the Federal Cultural Foundation, we are continuously trying to expand our range of activities without losing the character of the place as an experimental space.