Review OURSPACE Fall Course 2021

For the last time, young people from Pieschen and the Hechtviertel were able to give free rein to their creativity in the big BEST OF OURSPACE fall course 2021. Digital and analog – scissors, spray cans, glue, cameras and tripods were pulled out and used in two different themed projects.

From Monday to Wednesday, headpieces and costumes were crafted in geometric shapes. Particular attention had to be paid to the design of the head area. How do I design it so that my field of vision is preserved and how does my freedom of movement remain to be stable enough at the same time? First, the first sketches were drawn on a large poster in the workshop room, among other things. After that, the young people could start building the small models. In the emergence of the right costumes could now be seen what can be implemented and what may need to be changed. With the finished creations, a foray through Pieschen began. An extraordinary sight for the residents, who suddenly got to see the colorful creations!

From Wednesday to Friday, the last day of the fall course with presentation, the editing programs on the laptops and the cameras were running hot. For a fictitious GEH8 mayoral election, the young people divided into three groups and filmed election commercials for the respective parties. These were to be between 30 and 90 seconds long. With the KPD (Art Party of Germany), the WTF Party (What-the-Fly-Fungus Party) and the PDB (Party of the Best), different interests were represented: from art to the environment to me-is-the-rest-egal. The result was three creative and partly satirical short videos, which provided a lot of smiles, grins and also information transfer during the presentation.

This last OURSPACE course marks the end of two project years in the field of cultural education at GEH8. Under the guidance of the two wonderful mentors Christian Rätsch and André Tempel, many young people were able to spend a great time during their vacations, let off steam creatively and were supported and motivated by both of them with words and deeds. The courses were not only a place to try out new things… likewise new friendships were made between the participants. Many thanks to all involved who made these two years so enjoyable!


This measure is co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the budget passed by the Saxon Parliament. Funded by the European Social Fund ESF under the name ,,Schüler ins Atelier.”


Photos: Peter Fischer