We are art – That was the motto of the fall course

Spontaneity and courage were in demand when it came to creating art in the district in front of everyone, directly on the street. During the fall vacations, the OUR SPACE workshop week was not just about creating pictures or films that you can simply look at in the end. This time, both body and mind were put to work.

Inspired by the works of the artists Willi Dorner (Bodies in Urban Spaces) and Erwin Wurm (One Minute Sculptures), the workshop participants became living sculptures. First, they went on a search for clues: in which places in Pieschen are there unusual climbing opportunities? Where are there gaps that can be filled? Once the right places had been found, the group thought about how they could present themselves in an unusual way. The group was also concerned with everyday questions: How do I present myself in public and how do others see me? What effect does my posture have or what am I perhaps ashamed of? It is much easier to jump over one’s own shadow and behave in a way that is not quite “normal” if one dresses up. Masked and in our very own colorful painter’s suits, we left our everyday lives behind us and got started: stacking, bending, holding still!

Images © Peter R. Fischer

In addition to the topic of urban art, we also worked on stop motion. The participants let off steam in very different ways and created clay figures, self-made miniature sculptures or even staged themselves in front of the camera.

A huge thank you to the participants for all the great ideas and the courage for so much creativity. For the time being OUR SPACE is taking a little break. But we are already working on the new program and will keep you up to date.