Ya-Wen Fu “Metamorphose”

Ya-Wen Fu “Metamorphose”

Interactive installation performance
Metal, wood, leather, acrylic glass, motor and sensor

Ya-Wen Fu designs unsentimentally aseptic media spaces in which straps become vectors and screens and other artifacts of media art stand around like the objects in Yves Tanguy’s landscapes: meaninglessly significant fetishes of media art. Ya-Wen Fu will wear one of her wonderful Beckett Bondage constructions and, beset by this new spinning apparatus, her usual posture will be changed first and then ours. A performance between Ya-Wen Fu and Charles Washington in collaboration with Daniel Romero and Bert Palm. An event of the CYNETART 2020 in cooperation with the Kunstraum GEH8.

Supported by: chin chin pottery and Perkūnas Studio.

The public presentation is supported by the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony and the Ministry of Culture Taiwan.

Ya-Wen Fu was born in Taiwan in 1980 and now lives and works in Taiwan, Berlin and Leipzig, where she received her master’s degree in media art at the Academy of Visual Arts in Taiwan. The focus of Ya-Wen Fu’ work is the relationship between body and space. The artist deals with this relationship not only by depicting individuals in their environment, but also by locating it within a differentiated concept and critically analyzing the individual in space. She thematizes the space in which we feel and act, the space in which the perceiving ego exists, and investigates the question of where the boundaries between the individual and the environment lie.

http://www.bearfuinberlin.com/     http://cynetart.org


DATE: 10.10.20
LOCATION: GEH8 Kunstraum
START: 20 Uhr


Within the framework of the CYNETART Festival 2018, the Saxon State Ministry of Science and Art (SMWK) in cooperation with the Office for Culture and Monument Protection of the State Capital Dresden) has awarded the Artist-in Residence Scholarship to Ya-Wen Fu for the realization of her artistic work “Ein verwandelter Wurf”. After an artist-in-residence at the TMA Hellerau in 2019, the final work will now be presented for the first time at the Kunstraum GEH8 and subsequently at the POCHEN Biennale Chemnitz as well as at the Municipal Art Museum Taipei.