Workshop : Multicolor – children meet artists

In September 2018 the project “multicolor – children meet artists” started, an educational opportunity initiated by Marleen Andreev for children and youth around the age of 9 – 13 with any cultural background.

Here young participants get to know artists connected to GEH8 and can get inspired and experiment once a week in one studio space at GEH8.

Participating artists:

Marleen Andreev (September 2018) 
Mona Pourebrahim (September 2018)
Moritz Liebig (Oktober 2018)
Susanne Engelhardt (November 2018)
Julia Pommer (November 2018)
Thomas Judisch (Dezember 2018)
Claudia Kleiner (Januar 2018)
Heinz Schmöller
Svea Duwe
Manuel Frolik
Isabelle Krieg
Suntje Sagerer

A few impressions from the first workshops: 

This workshop is supported by: