WERKRaum exhibition + vernissage with shop window // Thomas Judisch – Dear Good

INFO: Due to the current situation, the exhibition will only be visible through the new shop window. For more information at: http://thomasjudisch.com/news/

The artist Thomas Judisch likes to combine different series of works with each other in an unconstrained way, which in the best case tell a story together. He says himself that it’s a bit like music when different instruments make a whole. Or when people come together and talk about God and the world, moving from the hundredth to the thousandth.

In the current exhibition, he brings sculptures, etchings and mosaics into the space, creating a harmony between the artworks and providing a link to the current situation in a playful, almost childlike naive way.

Vernissage: Saturday, December 4, 2021
Duration: December 5, 2021 to January 30, 2022
Where: GEH8 WERKRaum with shop window
Contact: mail@geh8.de

(Work: Thomas Judisch – ‘I love you’, 2020, marble, smalti plastered on styrodur)

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