WERKRaum Exhibition + Vernissage // REAL INSECT ESTATE

In February 2021, the GEH8 art and culture center launched a design competition for an innovative insect hotel under the title REAL INSECT ESTATE. From all over Germany – from Passau to Lübeck, from Aachen to Görlitz – we received an incredible 236 entries from 382 people who created designs individually or as part of a team.

Five universities in Germany (Dresden, Detmold, Düsseldorf, Wismar, Karlsruhe) also took up the impulse of our call for entries and offered a teaching project dedicated to the task of creatively designing a nesting aid. A publication has been published on the project, containing a variety of designs and texts on the subject.

The exhibition shows all the winners of the competition, complemented by ceramics by Susanne Engelhardt.

Artists: Susanne Engelhardt + Mareike de Boer, Gilbert Geister, Florian Bartl, Flora Kießling & Luise Lott, Gesa Henning & Chantal Luisa Plantör & Jackie Williams & Nora Meynberg

Vernissage: Friday, July 12, 2024, 3 pm
Duration of the exhibition: July 12 – August 18, 2024
Where: GEH8 WERKRaum
Opening hours: Visits to the workroom by appointment or can be viewed at any time through the window on Gehestraße


(Graphic: Florian Bartl)