Wasserkränze – Multimedia room installation by Constanze Kresta

Multimedia room installation by Constanze Kresta, Leipzig

Welcome, sister. Welcome brother. “We do not touch the mirrors, only ourselves.” We put the key in the shimmer of reality. In the morning, we caress from our sleep what was buried. And our heart is beating, our heart is beating, our heart is beating, our heart is beating tap-dancing from a hysterical globe. “History makes different demands on us all.” We reject abstract visions of the universal. We lead a dried-up, damaged half life. We make ourselves small. We want nothing. We want you to understand: We are desperate and what we want you to find out is: Why. “We claim the city as a place of strife and solidarity in pursuit of needs and wants.” We are the winners of history. Who am I? We’re losing the world. We’re losing the world to a happy, technocratic elite and we feel that all hell is breaking loose. It’s like dying. Just to live a little longer we think. Wild animals are taking over the city. We are politicians, and we act, not like fleeing Caesars, but like … “We put our faces straight and remember that we”: you and I, each alone, all together, all by ourselves, “are real, in a real society with real desires”. Are you talking about me? We are so lonesome we could die, and “like anyone who has a drunkard at home or is a drunkard herself, we can imagine that no significant consequences have been drawn from the events of last night. We are tired and drifting away, from a distance everything seems to us as it should be. Well then: Now: Rise, great All, stand well ordered in your place.

For the 75th anniversary of the destruction of Dresden Constanze Kresta sticks out ashes, cardboard, plants, newspaper collages, songs and spoken wreaths. She sets off on a search for what separates us from peace today.

Constanze Kresta studied in Hamburg, lives and works in Leipzig. In drawings, sounds and objects she works on social and ecological questions. The concept for the exhibition was developed within the framework of a working scholarship.

Vernissage: 13.2.2020, 7 pm, with hot soup
Exhibition period: 14 – 16.2.2020
Opening hours: 14:30 – 18:00


Sponsored by: Dresdner Stiftung Kunst & Kultur der Ostsächsischen Sparkasse Dresden