Theater Choochoo presents Kalif Storch

On Whitsunday, 15. 5. the theater Choochoo Berlin plays Kalif Storch freely after the fairy tale by Wilhelm Hauff
for all from 4 years
Admission from 3 pm with coffee and cake
Start at 4 pm (duration approx. 45 minutes)
Prices for children: 4 € adults: 6 €

Ticket reservation: Franziska Hoffmann 0178 413 4048

A giant picture book comes to life: Earthworms, desert sand, and fake beards. Oh yes, and storks! A magic powder with which you can turn into an animal? – Give it to me! But be careful! Don’t laugh…or it will turn out differently than you think. The caliph and his vizier fall into the trap of the evil sorcerer Kaschnur, only the owl Lusa can help.

Director: Nicole Weissbrodt
Play/idea: Franziska Hoffmann
Set design/book construction: Friederike Curling-Aust and Franziska Hoffmann
Invitation to geh8 and on-site organization: Anne Adel