SoCell – New Music for Sopran and Violoncello

A concert project of the Sächsischer Musikbund e.V. in cooperation with musik21 e.V.

The soprano Irene Kurka and the cellist Burkart Zeller got to know each other during projects with the new music ensemble E-MEX. Their first program was called “Love, Mysticism and Religion.” The works they perform are usually written especially for this distinctive instrumentation, as the existing repertoire is small. In the art space GEH8 they present new works and world premieres, ranging from sacred chants to experimental sound pieces.

The combination of soprano and violoncello seems at first unusual and also
tonally unfavorable. The partners seem to be too different already in terms of pitch.
pitch. Modern cello technology, however, allows the instrument to be played in the soprano register (and even higher).
even higher), so that there is no longer any noticeable difference in register.
In this way, a wide spectrum of combination possibilities arises between
extreme contrast and almost perfect synchronization. Just as the cello can “sing,” the
voice is able to approach the instrumental sound through the techniques of the avant-garde.
The result is a fascinating exchange between two very different, but in every respect equal partners.
equal partners.

The program includes works by Matthias Drude (UA), Albert Breier (UA), Brigitta
Muntendorf, Erik Janson, Miro Dobrowolny, Johannes Sandberger and Hubert Hoche.
There will also be solo works as intermezzi, by Tobias Schick (cello)
and Nikolaus Brass (soprano). At certain points, Gregorian chants will be heard.
In this way, diverse bridges are created between vocality and instrumentality, between
and avant-garde, between sacred and secular, between virtuosity and simplicity.

Irene Kurka and Burkart Zeller already have rich experience as duo partners. Both
artists are characterized by an extraordinarily strong stage presence, which greatly
of this line-up.
Three concerts in Saxony are planned: in Leipzig, Löbau and Dresden. In addition still
two concerts in Düsseldorf and Mönchengladbach. The dates are in
The performance venues will be mainly church halls, which offer the best acoustical
provide the best acoustic possibilities for the program.

Duo SOCELL21 (Irene Kurka and Burkart Zeller)
Works by Albert Breier, Matthias Drude, Christian FP Kram, Stefan Lienenkämper, Brigitta Muntendorf, Tobias Eduard Schick, and Thomas Stöß.

When: Wednesday, 14.10.2020, 7:30 p.m.

Where: GEH8 Art Space

Admission: 6€ / 5€ reduced

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