shining #2

10.10.2013 until 10.11.2013
KUNSTLABOR at the E-Werk Freiburg (i. Brsg.)

Since our own premises are still blocked by the Dresden building inspectorate, we have unceremoniously turned our backs on Dresden and immediately invited some more Dresden artists to an exhibition project in Freiburg. The project came about at the invitation of Henning Grießbach from Freiburg (former master student in Dresden) and was curated by Heinz Schmöller (geh8).

Under the title Shining #2, the exhibition continues the conceptual exhibition series the shining project* – a loose collaboration of artists, mainly graduates of the HfBK-Dresden, who once a year, in changing constellations and conceptions, realize an exhibition under the label “Shining”. One focus is on three-dimensional and installative works. Beyond its conceptual framework, “Shining” offers an insight into contemporary art production in Dresden and shows different approaches with which young art distinguishes itself on the art market and in public. At E-WERK Freiburg, works are shown that work with light or have a thematic affinity to light or darkness.

Anne Adelt, Yasmin Alt, Tina Beifuss, Paul Elsner, Annett Gerlach, Shauna Merriman, Ulrike Mundt, Daniel Rode, Gernot Schindowski, Heinz Schmöller und Nadja Schütt


10.10. to 10.11.2013

Opening hours:
THURS – SA 18.00 – 21.00 HRS
SO 15.00 20.00

KUNSTLABOR im E-Werk Freiburg (i. Brsg.)