Die Sehnsucht nach dem Jetzt

We take the NOW, as well as the desire for it, as a sequence of moments that we divide into past, present and future. But what is present, the moment, the NOW? When does it begin and when does it end? Can we even grasp it, or has it not already faded away as soon as we become conscious of it? 

People have invented several strategies to live the moment, and only the moment, in a self-forgetful way. The (positive) moment should be enjoyed, the fading out of past and future should lead to the greatest happiness. In the end it is always about the desire for satisfaction in the NOW – and in the future. We crave for fulfilment in the NOW, but always hope for a better future; whether here or in the hereafter – depending on our world view, so that we do not come to rest. A contradiction of human life that probably cannot be solved. 

When we think about the future, we move between the hope for an improvement of the state of this world and our life circumstances as well as the fear of catastrophes and personal failure. Nevertheless, we wish to be able to actively participate in shaping it in order to create it in harmony with our needs. But it is not only the thought of the future that keeps us from remaining in the now; the past also keeps us from staying in the now. We reflect on it in order to learn from it for today and tomorrow. Often we are angry about our inadequacy. However, Instead of getting angry the view could be a more relaxed one. Calmness is not one of the outstanding human strengths, not even in dealing with what was and what will be.

Opening: 11.09.2020
Duration: 12.09 – 04.10.2020
Opening hours: Sat & Sun. Sat 14 – 21 o’clock
Where: GEH8 Art Space