s T I mM E N

05.10.2013, 20 o’clock

s T I mM E N

performative sound installation with 25 musicians

geh8 art space and studios e.V.
gehestr. 8, Dresden

concept/video/composition: A. Obermüller

admission: 10€ / 7€

The project s T I mM E N unites 25 musicians in an audiovisual live performance, conceived especially for the geh8 Kunstraum. Music, video and light can be experienced as simultaneous moving fields of tension. They wander through the space, lose themselves in the diffuse, spill out, condense and enter into a space-consuming dialogue. The subjective experience changes with the listener’s point of view. Con- and dissonances, proximity and distance of sonic events and visual impressions form symbols of an inner dialectic.


Steffi Grunzel (fl), Dascha Baumgärtel (fl), Arnfried Falk (ob), Tabea Lüpfert (fgt), Simon Rothe (fgt), Georg Wettin (cl), Florian Bergmann (bcl, ts, as), Heiner Reinhardt (bcl), Robert Menzel (ss), Markus Pötschke (as), Nestor Scholz (as), Oliver Napravnik (ts), Tomasz Skulsi (ts), Jonas Brinkmann (bari), Konstantin Jahn (bari), Sophia Heide (vl), Philine Jobst (vl), Diana Henke (vl), Filip Sommer (vla), Matthias Lorenz (vcl), René Bornstein (kb), Toralf Schrader (kb), Tobias Schick (kb), Martin Schulze (tb), Günter Heinz (tb), Germi Rieß (tp, fh)

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