situation of the GEH8 art space

Dear friends and supporters of geh8,

We are constantly receiving questions about the current situation of the geh8 Kunstraum. The donors among you naturally have an obvious interest in information about the whereabouts of their donation.

The art room and studios will remain closed for any use until the final processing of our request for permission for use by the building supervisory office.

A not inconsiderable part of the donations has already been used for the preparation of the necessary building application by architects and engineers. The remaining part has been earmarked for the implementation of the necessary construction measures, which are to be carried out as quickly as possible following a positive decision by the building supervisory authority.

However, we are not letting this circumstance and the high expenditure involved prevent us from already planning next year’s program. And our program for this year should not be complete either. We have asked the building inspection office for a special permit for the most ambitious project of this season. Thanks to a positive decision, we are now happy to invite you/you to the project “s T I mM E N” by André Obermüller.

This elaborate project has now already gone through a long preparatory phase. It will fill our space, which is characterized by size and special sonic qualities, in all dimensions and unite the two pillars of our cultural work – visual arts and music.