Kunst.Raum.Konzerte presents: crimejazzorchestra meets Matthieu Anatrella

The Kunst.Raum.Konzerte offer a platform for the fusion of sound-, image- and space-based arts. In the process, music is always joined by another art form. In addition to playing their own pieces, each band develops a composition in real time together with the audience.

The crimejazzorchestra (CJO) was founded in Dresden as an electro-acoustic ensemble for the setting of the opera “Language is a Virus” about William S. Burroughs. After that, the CJO designed the chill-out lounges in various Dresden electro-clubs with film soundtracks, self-produced multi-media shows, readings and poetry slams. The 9-piece core line-up, with musicians from Bulgaria, Poland, Russia and Germany, has since been and continues to be expanded with actors and singers, brass and string players, Djs and Vjs. The CJO was the live band for the London Jungle and Ragga veterans Top Cat and Tenorfly, designed the musical supporting program for the award ceremony of the German Crime Prize (Criminale) and played various jazz clubs and festivals. In 2012, the CrimeJazzOrchestra produced and scored the animated film “Dancing Ideologies”, which was nominated for the Suzanne Award by the software Blender. In 2016, Konstantin Jahn processed his Crime Jazz experiences in the book “Hipster, Gangster, Femme Fatales – Eine cineastische Kulturgeschichte des Jazz” (Hipsters, Gangsters, Femme Fatales – A Cinematic Cultural History of Jazz), which Hans Helmut Prinzler recommends as “basic literature for film lovers”. The now out-of-print record The Crime Files was created as a concept album in collaboration with actors and the Berlin comic artist Fufu Frauenwahl.The new record Violent Cities, which will be released in May 2019 by Big Band Records in Wismar, features – in addition to strings and various synthesizers – a self-made “Ondes Martenot”.

Matthieu Anatrella
Matthieu Anatrella was 16 when he was so surprised by a card trick for the first time that he realized he had just experienced not a “trick” but a real “feat”.”I want to be able to do that too” – was his second thought and on the same day he bought a small book of magic and a deck of cards in Paris, in one of the oldest stores for magic in the world.From that day on, he never let either of them out of his hands.
In the meantime, it’s not just the playing cards that he’s taken a liking to.The genuine Parisian enchants his audience at close range with many mysterious, but also quite everyday objects, such as coins or banknotes.


When: Thursday, September 28, 2023
Admission: 7.30 pm
Start: 8 pm
Where: GEH8
Genre: Jazz, Interdisciplinary

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