GEH8 supports ARTISTS IN WAR program of Jam Factory Art Center, Lviv, Ukraine

Dear friends of GEH8!
Today we turn to you with a special and important request. Please join us in supporting the ARTISTS IN WAR program of our friends from the Jam Factory Art Center in Lviv (Lemberg) in Ukraine.

Today, Ukrainian art and culture workers are among the most vulnerable professionals in Ukrainian society, as almost all art and cultural institutions have ceased their activities; some have closed or migrated, others lie in ruins. All of the country’s financial needs have been diverted to support the Ukrainian armed forces in resisting Russian aggression. These efforts are critical to Ukraine’s survival.

But it is in these times of deepest crisis that art and culture are most needed to reflect on the human condition in a reality dominated by violence and pain. We need the hands and voices of artists/artists to express what is going on in our minds and souls today in profound and lasting ways.

The Jam Factory Art Center was conceived as a cultural space where diverse art disciplines come together in a time of peace. The ARTISTS IN WAR program was launched to support and encourage Ukrainian artists to return to artistic work and become a voice of the society that is currently living through the most devastating times since World War 2.

A one-time financial grant will support representatives of various artistic disciplines (theater, music, film, visual arts) who are active in their field and have the opportunity to address the war situation in their works. The amount of the one-time financial support per artist is 20.000 UAH = at present approx. 550,- to 600,- EUR.

As a friendly cultural institution, GEH8 supports the Jam Factory Art Center’s appeal for donations. Thanks to the donations it is possible to alleviate the difficult situation of Ukrainian artists, so that Ukrainian culture can survive in this war.

Everyone can join the ARTISTS IN WAR program, both personally and institutionally. Every contribution is important for the program.

The ways to donate can be found right at the bottom of this page as well as on the Jam Factory website at the following link!

Thank you very much for your support!


*** Donations for ARTISTS IN WAR ***

-> by international order in Euro to:


Bank: JSC KREDOBANK Lviv, Ukraine


IBAN: UA913253650000026000011075896

Reason for payment: Financial support for statutory activities of Jam Factory Art Center, NGO.

Address: Jam Factory, 6 / office 2 akad. Bohomoltsia, Lviv, 79005, Ukraine