“G8?” by Saeed Foroghi + WM + geh8 Edition 2014

Dear friends of geh8,

“G8?” has been a terminological stumbling block since our existence, and outsiders easily associate it with the name of our association. In the current turmoil of the nations, Saeed Foroghi was the first to come up with the idea of using it explicitly for his installation, which he shortly set up in the outdoor area of geh8.

On this double occasion we would like to invite you to visit the installation “G8” by Saeed Foroghi and to watch the remaining World Cup games on our screen. As always, food and drink will be provided and the space available is large.

geh8 Edition 2014

In addition, the exhibition of our geh8 Edition 2014 is still on display, for which we have compiled 18 works by geh8 artists on the occasion of our reopening. There are still a few copies available for purchase. The proceeds will be used to refinance the construction costs.

We are looking forward to your coming!