Frei.Raum.Direkt. Documentation-Video

We are happy to announce the completion of our documentary video as a review of Frei.Raum.Direkt.

With Frei.Raum.Direkt. we tested artistic practices as tools for sustainable urban development in the green open space of the Alte Leipziger Bahnhof in July and August and gave numerous actors and activities a platform.

We created an innovative format for public discourse and asked for strategies and approaches for a future-proof, sustainable, creative urban and neighborhood development that incorporate a young, ecological and community-oriented perspective.

At the same time, we aligned our activities in the cultural education of children and young people with Frei.Raum.Direkt. and let them dock with it in terms of content and space. For us, this was a successful experiment in which we were able to bring together our essential experiences and competencies. These lie in the development of artistic strategies and projects, their integration into the context of urban development, the initiation and management of a corresponding discourse and in the cultural education of children and young people.

What you don’t see in the video is that we also had three international artists in residence as guests at Frei.Raum.Direkt. We will soon report on this and other activities on our new website GEH8 urban. So stay tuned ;)

Video: Jeremias Eichler