Opening “far sight”: 27.09.08 – 20.00 h Art talk about the project “far sight” by My Lindh, Stockholm
Ausstellungsdauer: 27.09.08-12.10.08
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 16.00 – 20.00 hrs
Sat/Sun 14.00 – 20.00 hrs

“far sight” art action: 4.10.08 20:00 with Färgfabriken, Stockholm /geh8, Dresden / Lars Ramberg, Oslo – Berlin

Film night and finissage: 11.10.2008 20:00 hrs

The exhibition presents works by My Lindh (Sweden)

Supported by:
City of Dresden, Office for Culture and Monument Protection / Swedish Embassy, Berlin / Norwegian Embassy, Berlin

cross of threads : north

The fourth and last part of the exhibition series Fadenkreuz presents works by the Swedish artist My Lindh. Geh 8 has taken the thematic approach in My Lindh’s project “far sight” as an opportunity to take a closer look at its own action space. Thus, in the context of the Norden exhibition, a workshop will take place, the results of which will be communicated in a public art action on October 4, together with färgfabriken from Stockholm and the Norwegian artist Lars Ramberg. The focus is on the perception of familiar and unfamiliar places, which are experienced directly or conveyed via a far sight /far vision medium.

My Lindh

My Lindh from Stockholm shows at her exhibition in Geh 8 works from her work “far sight”: In this project the artist deals with the field of tension between real experienced places and events and the experiences of places and events communicated via media. An earlier installation by My Lindh, which vividly explores this field of tension, she already realized in Iceland in 2003. Here, she had a large flag with the inscription “HERE” (hér in Icelandic) placed on a distant mountain that could be seen from the gallery.

She then had a telescope placed in the gallery so that the inscribed flag could be seen and read from there. Without the telescope, the flag was not visible.

In the project “far sight” she transferred this idea to the television medium – far sight and thus continued her investigation in new installations and images.