Intercultural workshop and exhibition project with people of all backgrounds by Marleen Andreev, visual artist.

Bodymapping workshop: 4./ 5.6. 2016.

The workshop is sponsored by: Foundation for the International Weeks against Racism

Exhibition: 12.6.-26.6.2016

Sorry, the Artist Talk on June 26 is cancelled.


Opening hours: Fri./Sat./Sun 15-18 h and by appointment.

Vernissage: June 11, 2016, from 4 pm to geh8 summer festival, with international food and live music:


4pm performance live contact drawing by Marleen Andreev.

5 pm Seau Volant (DD) _ Balkan Brass

8 pm Dresdner Gnadenchor (DD) _ German folk songs

10 p.m. Wippe & Schaukl (B)

24 h Party with DJ Tiney & DJ Cover_ Live Techno


Finissage: 25.6.2016