Big Mama’s Concertino (UA)

15.5.2013, 19 o’clock

short concert extra of the series old and new of the Dresden University of Music together with Geh8 Kunstraum and Ateliers

Big Mama’s Concertino (UA)
Hommáge a Louis Couperin
Thiu à two
Brahms solution

Composition/Conception Prof. Thomas Zoller
Moderation Prof. Dr. Jörn Peter Hiekel

Prof. Ludger Rémy – harpsichord
Thomas Zoller – Burma gongs, slate plates, sound band playback
Malte Rogacki – Moog synthesizer
Steffen Roth – big drums
Sascha Henkel as transformer

Start: 19:00
End: 20:00

Admission Euro 6,- (reduced) and 10,-

As part of the short concerts series of the Institute for New Music directed by Prof. Dr. Jörn Peter Hiekel, Big Mama’s Concertino is the first collaboration between the Dresden University of Music and the geh8 Kunstraum und Ateliers e.V..

The choice of the venue Geh8 is not random, but fits exactly to the theme of transformation: harpsichord with big drums, synthesizer and slates, sound band feed and performance parts in a former car repair shop of the Deutsche Bahn.

All participants are connected to the Dresden University of Music, be it as lecturers, students or alumni.

The lasting collaboration between Ludger Rémy and Thomas Zoller has been going on for 2 years and is now entering a new round.

Zoller reports: “At first, the inspirations for the music and working method of Big Mama’s Concertino were incomprehensible to me. The music and the performance parts were in principle ready, but only afterwards did I realize what it was actually about: Transformation, an archaic process in the age of virtual playing fields.”


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