Replacement of the flags on the installation “G? Flags” by Saeed Foroghi

“We all ask ourselves, why is the noise of war swelling again? Another war besides Ethiopia, Yemen, Syria …!? In what language could we shout it out so loudly that it is finally understood: Stop these damn wars!
With the artist Saeed Foroghi we want to set a sign for peace and understanding.”

The previous flag installation on the GEH8 building will be taken down and replaced by a new one. Eight unicolored flags will be hoisted next to each other, reminding of the international symbol for peace and tolerance, the rainbow flag. The flags will be supplemented by the words “Peace”, written in those eight languages spoken by most people in this world. Do the separate colors of the rainbow flag lose their unifying message? Or is the mutual need for peace no longer understandable in the Babylonian confusion of languages?

Just as in Russian and Ukrainian the word peace is identical, we also want to stand up for cohesion, solidarity and peace with this gesture.

Here you can see more about the opening of the installation!