Announcement: Graphic Novel by Nilsson Samuelsson – Liebe Svenja

The book “Dear Svenja” will soon be published by GEH8-Verlag as a kind of graphic novel in the form of 46 postcards on the topics of climate, environment and socio-ecological transformation. Between December 2020 and July 2021, Nilsson Samuelsson wrote postcards to the Federal Minister for the Environment, Svenja Schulze. He designed these with his own drawings as well as some image quotes from graffiti artists. From the collected postcards an illustrated book has been created, which
The collected postcards have been used to create an illustrated book that reviews the past year in pictures and short texts, supplemented by an epilogue by the Federal Environment Minister.

You can already view the book digitally.

47 illustrations on over 100 pages. Order your copy already now for 18€ with a mail to