Final presentation: KUNTERBUNT – Minimal Art Gallery

In a Minimal Art Gallery the young participants of our workshop curate their own artworks, which were created within the last school year with the support of 10 different artists.
We welcome all art enthusiasts, as well as participants of the workshop with family and acquaintances to a COLORFUL afternoon in the GEH8 art space, welcome!

KUNTERBUNT – Minimal Art Gallery /// INVITATION TO THE FINAL PRESENTATION /// MI 3.7.2019 // 16-17.30 hrs.

Participating artists:
Marleen Andreev, Mona Pourebrahim, Moritz Liebig, Susanne Engelhardt, Julia Pommer, Claudia Kleiner, Thomas Judisch, Heinz Schmöller, Ana Pireva, Svea Duwe, Anja Jurkenas, and Suntje Sagerer.