Friday, 23. September 20:00 o’clock
a Butoh dance solo by Seda Büyüktürkler with Helga Kölle-Köhler (vocals) and Reinhard Köhler (music)

Inspired by a Tuvan music group, the image of a man standing on a hill of a green, vast steppe, merged with nature, the earth and his homeland in a brief moment of his life. He becomes one with the earth.

Toprak is Turkish. The word means the earth, the ground, the land. It is the earth soil from which he descends, on which his body “blossoms”. It is the homeland that shapes him and gives security for his growth.

We carry the place of our descent within us – it is in our body. Through our body we are connected to our home everywhere on earth. The earth is our home in this infinite universe. It is our MOTHER. Toprak is dedicated to the EARTH, which carries us, nourishes us and shapes us. The piece is a thanksgiving to the Mother Earth.

The dance expresses the specialness, texture and her hidden essence.

The search for dance creative possibilities led the artist to the inside of his body. In the moments of research and development, it was no longer about finding something, but about expressing clearly audible and subtle representations in the connection with the body.

The performance is a solo piece with vocals and live music that he has been working on since 2013. The first small scenery of the piece was created for a performance in Göttingen. In the following years, a collaboration with Helga Kölle-Köhler and Reinhard Köhler developed.

Entrance: 8 € / red.: 6 €

Dance and Choreographie: Seda Büyüktürkler
Singing and Text: Helga Kölle-Köhler
Music and Composition: Reinhard Köhler