The Human Scale – Perspektiven einer bürgernahen Stadtpolitik (OmU)

Filmpresentation: 20. October, 20 o’clock

An event in the framework of the 8th Umundu Festival. The full program at


The documentation accompanies the architect and city planner Jan Gehl who has set it to himself to make cities again more liveable and indicates visions of humanly and sustainable urban life. Their planning aims at the optimisation of the relation between the built environment and the quality of life of their inhabitants. They want to preserve the cities of the flood by cars, create space for pedestrian and cyclists and capture public places back. The documentation underline the role of civil participation for a succeeding town planning.

Regie:Andreas Dalsgaard
Script: Andreas Dalsgaard
Music: Kristian Eidnes Andersen
Camera: Manuel Alberto Claro,
Heikki Färm

Dänemark 2012, 83 Minutes