Open pottery day

09. and 10. 03.2013

On the occasion of the Open Pottery Day on March 9 and 10, Susanne Engelhardt’s ceramic studio in Geh8 will also be open from 10 am to 6 pm. On display are both applied such as vases and tableware as well as elaborate prints on ceramics – these are the special interest of Susanne Engelhardt. The series “Modell-Versuche” (Model Experiments), for example, focuses on reflections on the relationship between essence and form. Photocopied pictures and tear-outs from relevant fashion magazines serve as models. These are transferred to the ceramic material (engobed clay) by means of a transfer printing process. Chance determines which parts remain true to the original and which are only fragmentary in the transition between the media. Starting from this printed image, the design process begins: individual parts of the portrait are manipulated by painting out and over, scratching and smearing. The aim of this work is to humanize and animate media stereotypes of immaculate beauty. The divas and beaus of the haute couture magazines – otherwise surrounded by an aura of the untouchable, perfect – take on something fragile, fragile, take on character.