Monday, 28.10. until Friday, 01.11.2013

Stadtsafari – explore your city!

In the second week of the fall holidays from October 28 to November 01, 2013, the STADTSAFARI-KUNSTGUERILLA goes on a city conquest. This time again together with the CrossMedia Tour Dresden.

Register directly via the website of the CrossMediaTour Dresden:

Here is the website of Stadtsafari:

Conquer the city with art and media!

You are the art guerrilla on urban safari! You will roam the city with alert eyes, perform exciting artistic actions and document them impressively. You will discover your favorite places, collect impressions and learn to look at the city with different eyes. You will work together with experienced artists in finding ideas and realizing your projects. You will leave your own artistic traces in the Leipzig suburbs and in Pieschen, document them and post photos, videos and sounds on the city safari blog.

But be careful: traces can quickly become blurred!

The education passport:

The Certificate of Competence in Culture (KNK) can be awarded to you by Felix Liebig during the project. Prerequisite is your interest at the time of registration and a prior introductory meeting, which we will arrange.

More about this: Website of Kompetenznachweiskultur

The conditions:

Are you between the ages of 12 and 18? You have from Monday, 28.10. to Friday, 01.11.2013 in the time from 10.00 to 16.00 clock still nothing? You want to get to know the work of the artists in the building of geh8 Kunstraum und Ateliers, Gehestraße 8, 01127 Dresden?

Then you have come to the right place: We are looking for 12 participants. Be part of it!

Note: For the project you can use your own digital photo cameras or photo phones (WITH appropriate accessories to read out data). But this is not a condition of participation. Digital cameras will also be provided in the project.

The partners:

A project by u r b a n o f e e l, Kooperationsgemeinschaft für Raumwahrnehmung in cooperation with geh8 Kunstraum und Ateliers e.V.

Supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in the urban district development project Nördliche Vorstadt Dresden, the state capital Dresden and the Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden.


Register on the CrossMedia Tour Dresden website.

The most important info:

Questions and information about registration, procedure and KNK can be directed to:

Felix Liebig
u r b a n o f e e l, Kooperationsgemeinschaft für Raumwahrnehmung
Mail: urbano.feel [at]
Tel: 0351 466 27 66

The idea:

The City Safari is an action platform for young urban explorers. Together with artists, planners and other urban experts, you will explore the city as your living space, which you can actively shape. In the fall of 2013, the city safari offers you, in addition to forays on unusual paths, the possibility of a “multimedia” journey of discovery through Pieschen, the Hechtviertel and the Leipziger Vorstadt.

In the city safaris, the city is your playground, where you can gather “urban knowledge,” exchange experiences, and practice processing your impressions through the media.