07. – 15.03.2009

Vessels and objects from ceramics and porcelain – a panorama

Susanne Engelhardt,

the geh8-based ceramist, invites you to a ceramics exhibition from March 7 to 15, 2009, entitled “Saxony is a slice”, which presents remarkable ceramic works. The intention is to bring together positions beyond the still very widespread clichés about the pottery craft – works that show how diverse the spectrum of forms and colors is in contemporary ceramics. The exhibitors belong to a generation of ceramists who – due to their respective training – start from a traditional approach to the material clay, but try to find a new language in their own work. Today, it can no longer be about producing as much as possible in as short a time as possible. It can only be about individuality. In Dresden and the surrounding area in particular, there are a large number of small workshops and studios that are not really “at home” either in galleries or at the pottery markets – high time for an inventory.

Andrea Forchner
Birgit Hasse
Matthias Jackisch
Stefan Laub
Eva Liebmann
Jan Liebmann
Susanne Petzold
Olaf Stoy
Susanne Engelhardt