“Today is the first big impression of Mary Wigman. I feel the parallel, like it is expressed in her dancing in the movement of masses which are increasing the single movements with number. It is incredible inspiring and stimulating to draw her body movements. I will paint pictures of it. Yes, what we suspected became reality. The new art is here. M.W. uses a lot from the modern images unconsciously, and the work of a concept of beauty is visible in her dances as it is in my pictures.”

Kirchner, Davos diaries, 16. January 1926, published by Grisebach, Lother: Ernst Ludwig Kirchners Davoser Tagebuch. Stuttgart, 1998, S.126

After the first successful guest performance of dancer Mary Wigman in November 1919 in Dresden it was said the dream of new human ideals are softly heard. Starting point of the exhibition by dancer Daniela Lehmann and artist Joachim Merbitz are two lithographies, Mary Wigmann 1932, by Dresden artist Richard Sander. The artists developed a large scale Image-Body-Object connecting painting, drawing and performance as a form for contemporary dance today and further for an image of humanity of our time. With new style and means themes in dance and visual art change, few, like Reigen remain with us.


Pictures from the opening

Images: ©

Artisttalk and performance: Sunday, 26. August 2018, 4 pm

Concept: Daniela Lehmann, Joachim Merbitz, Kathrin Assauer
Curator: Kathrin Assauer
Artists: Daniela Lehmann, Joachim Merbitz