RauschKörper: Dance piece for teenagers from 14 years

RauschKörper thematizes the allure of intoxication, but also the decay of body and soul through drugs. Through improvisation and choreography, the performers find their own approach to the theme and implement these experiences through contemporary dance, breakdance and music. The portrayal of the everyday life of young people is also part of the piece, as well as original sound interviews from the research work of drug experience reports. This creates a projection and acoustic landscape for encounters, dance dialogues and confrontations, musically commented with an e-cello and a loop station.

How high is the price one pays when one can no longer perform without a foreign substance, when one can no longer survive without it? And how does the outside world react when theories meet personal fates?

Idea/Development: Laura Härtel, Philip “Lehmi” Lehmann, Michaela Mehl
Dance: Philip “Lehmi” Lehmann, Michaela Mehl
Music/Play: Laura Härtel
Choreographic collaboration: Wagner Moreira
dramaturgy/pedagogy/set design: Cilly Zimmermann
Project and guest performance management: Isolde Matkey / tristan Production

RauschKörper is offered as a two-part project for young people aged 14 and older and young adults. The offer includes the 45-minute dance piece and a 90-minute dance and music workshop, which also includes time for conversation and thematic education.

When: May 24, 2022
Start: 7 pm
Where: GEH8


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