Matthias Lorenz: Fremdbestimmt 3 – Wissenschaft

For his current concert series, Matthias Lorenz has given six composers a content-related task and asked them to curate a program for cello solo. The focus alternates between internal and external musical issues. After Society/Politics and Work/Process, this year Ian Wilson has put together a program on science.

Liza Lim: Invisibility (2009)
Ian Wilson: A synder’d vastness (2020)
Vladimir Korać: Decomposition (2014/19)
Gráinne Mulvey: Syzygy (2010)
Rebecca Saunders: Solitude (2013)

As always, Matthias Lorenz will play and comment on the pieces during the concert.

Science enables humans to understand the world around us. Science gives us the tools to make sense of how we and the world work. It shows where we came from, how it all began – in fact, science also tells us how it will all end [idea explored in Wilson/Na kraju (at the end)].

Science uncovers the secrets behind the processes of life and gives us the knowledge to understand those processes [Korać/decomposition // Mulvey/Syzygy (has both astronomical and biological meanings)]. Science itself is the process of questioning and exploring, of pushing to break boundaries and discover the new [Saunders & Lim, Explorations of the Instrument)].

My program reflects all these aspects of science and even includes a connection to the literary and cinematic genres (science fiction!) that take scientific ideas and push them far beyond what has been known before [Lim/Invisibility].

(Ian Wilson)


When: Friday, May 12, 2023
Start: 8 p.m.
Where: GEH8
Entry: 12/8