Matthias Lorenz – Cello solo

Thursday 18.09.2014, 19:30

Alte Meister

In 1960 Bernd-Alois Zimmermann composed the “sonata for cello solo”, which Siegfried Palm premiered in the same year. This marked a turning point for cello literature; since then, almost all composers have composed for cello solo. In the very first decade, a number of pieces were written that can now be considered classics. In addition to Zimmermann’s sonata, these include “nomos alpha” by Iannis Xenakis, “Pression” by Helmut Lachenmann and “Glissées” by Isang Yun.

In the “Old Masters” series, these pieces will be the focus of one concert each. As with the previous series “Bach.heute”, the aim is to create a context through the program that allows a changed approach to these pieces. This requires, above all, a close analysis of these works, not only from the point of view of what the composers wanted to achieve with them at the time, but also how one might look at the pieces half a century later.

After an opening concert with the 4 masterpieces, one of the pieces becomes the focus of a program year after year. It stands at the beginning and end of the concert and also determines the title of the evening. The initial piece and this title represent the double point of reference to which composers are to be oriented who are commissioned to write a new piece for cello solo for the series. The old and the new piece are each joined by an existing work from the intermediate period.

The old piece will initially be played without commentary, but in the course of the concert, special features of both this work and the other pieces, and thus also of their composition, will be commented on and illustrated by examples.

Prelude (2014)

Bernd-Alois Zimmermann: sonate (1960)

Iannis Xenakis: nomos alpha (1964)

Helmut Lachenmann: pression (1969)

Isang Yun: glissées (1970)


Entrance price: 8,- / 5,- (red.)