26.10. – 11.11.2012

LIBRONERO / Eckehard Fuchs – Exhibition Book Presentation

Opening: 26.10.2012 / 19.30 hrs
Exhibition duration: 26.10. – 11.11.12
Opening hours: Fri. to Sun. 16 – 20 o’clock


Eckehard Fuchs

11 lithographs (content), 1 lithograph (cover) and hand typesetting on 230 g/m² Hahnemühlebütten, hardcover, 24 pages, 27 x 19 cm, thread stitching, edition of 25 num./sign., 3 e.a. sign., 3 e.a. sign./handcolored, 5 h.c. sign.

The painter and draftsman Eckehard Fuchs worked out, in the style of pencil drawings, the artist’s book LIBRONERO, in which he used various graphic possibilities of lithography. Pure chalk drawings and ink lithographs, their combination, but also sheets further developed by scraping, grinding and scratching on the stone, summarizes LIBRONERO.

In this “black book” there is less sinful or even criminal, but rather motifs that lead across classic genres of art history. Plant, animal and figure worlds meet, entangled compositions complement clear and simple central ideas. This first encounter with lithography, proves to be very inspiring, reveals the artist’s spontaneous and playful approach to the new technique, and at the same time makes us curious to see how he will continue to use it in his work in the future.

A great book, we are very pleased to announce its publication and recommend it most warmly!