Le Pot: HERA

Saturday, 8. Oktocer 20 o’clock
Manuel Mengis (tr), Martin Schütz (vcl), Hans-Peter Pfammatter (keys), Lionel Friedli (dr)

The band Le Pot, consisting of Manuel Mengis on trumpet, Hans-Peter Pfammatter on piano, synths and Moog, Manuel Troller on guitar and Lionel Friedli on drums offers with their series She-Hera-Zade, released on the Swiss label Everest Records, a special class listening experience.

The trilogy does not tell a tapeworm story from the Arabian Nights with a happy ending. Rather, it is a journey into the future. A time, then, that lies in the dark, that we can at most guess at in fragments. The band becomes an instrument that points to the 5th dimension. What is called instant composing, avant-improvisation or simply compositions in time, reminds in fragments of industrial or dark industrial, of shattered glass panes, and the net of ambient elements of a looming danger. A soundscape emerges that takes the form of a triptych, circling around a light center despite the darkness.

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