Kunst.Raum.Konzerte present: Dell Lillinger Westergaard meets Matthias Gruner (presented by Dresdner Drum & Bass Festival)

The Kunst.Raum.Konzerte offer a platform for the fusion of sound-, image- and space-based arts. In the process, music is always joined by another art form. In addition to playing their own pieces, each band develops a composition in real time together with the audience.

Dell Lillinger Westergaard
In search of new music, the trio Dell-Lillinger-Westergaard has been moving between contemporary music, experimental and avant-garde jazz since 2010. The ensemble consists of Christopher Dell (vibraphone), Christian Lillinger (drums, percussion) and Jonas Westergaard (double bass), who function equally as composers and performers.

Dell-Lillinger-Westergaard’s music is characterized by its energetic intensity, physicality, and architectural complexity. Breaking conventional genre boundaries, it is also characterized by great depth of field and plasticity. Between open form and fixed structures, Dell-Lillinger-Westergaard explore the musical material, constantly illuminating it anew and developing sonic richness.

The ensemble also sees itself as a platform that offers space for guests who enjoy experimenting.With the trio as its core, the process of co-composition is applied in an expanded way, for example with Tamara Stefanovich, Johannes Brecht, Bob Degen or Mat Maneri.In doing so, the ensemble’s long-standing knowledge structure forms a stable basis for its forward-looking musical research work.

Dell-Lillinger-Westergaard regularly play concerts in a wide variety of venues, whether in the Philharmonie, Resonanzraum or Neue Nationalgalerie, Konzerthaus or Club, are guests at festivals such as Moers, Klangspuren, Contrapunkt, Fri Resonans, Saalfelden, Donaueschingern or Witten, and tour Europe from Scandinavia to Portugal. In 2023, the ensemble will also hold its own festivals for the first time in Paris, Cologne and Berlin.

Matthias Gruner
Born in 1977, grew up on the wild edges of the Erzgebirge.1996 Abitur, civilian service, internship as camera and editing assistant in Dresden.Training as media designer (image and sound) in Dresden and Leipzig. Since 2001 freelance video editor and graphic designer.

When: Thursday, September 14, 2023
Admission: 7.30 p.m.
Start: 8 p.m.
Where: GEH8, Gehestraße 8, 01127 Dresden
Genre: Jazz, Interdisciplinary

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