Artisttalk with Juliane Stiegele/UTOPIA TOOLBOX

As part of the exhibition “Stairway to Heaven”

Initiated by Juliane Stiegle in 2010, UTOPIA TOOLBOX is an international artproject mad eby people of different working backgrounds who work togehter interdisciplinary. Their common ground is founded by a wide concept of creativity that excludes no part of human work.

Creativity is there by understood as the highest and most valuable resource to overcome the global crises of the present. In effort to create a positive vision of the future, utopias are being developed and set in motion. UTOPIA TOOLBOX uses unusual learning-, communication- and working-formats to penetrate different spheres of life such as society, politics, art and medicine.

We are very happy to welcome Juliane Tiegele on sunday, 24 of june and cordially invite you to this artistalk.

Image: Die UTOPIA TOOLBOX in unserer aktuellen Ausstellung “Stairway To Heaven”