Concert Kronenquartett

In June 2020, four Dresden-based musicians meet and immediately a musical symbiosis with a common musical language develops, which the four take as an opportunity to found the Kronenquartett.

After the long musicless dry spell of the first lockdown in spring 2020 Lenka, Jörg, Eva-Maria and Tobias start to work on a broad repertoire. The renewed shutdown of performance opportunities at least leaves the four of them the opportunity to pursue rehearsal work together under the given circumstances. During this challenging time they find a special sound through intensive work, caused by the tuning in 432 Hz. The experiences that have arisen during the renewed lockdown almost exclusively in performance opportunities at church services and devotions show that the quartet intuitively and automatically chooses somewhat calmer tempos with this slightly lower tuning, while at the same time the feeling arises of making music with heightened senses.

Lenka Matejakova, violin
Jörg Faßmann, violin
Eva-Maria Knauer, viola
Tobias Bäz, violoncello

When: September 3, 2021
Start: 6 pm
Where: GEH8 Art Space

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