Jahresausstellung + Vernissage „THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL!?”

“The winner takes it all!” is the title of the annual program of the GEH8 art and culture center in 2024. In a performance culture trimmed for success, the motto describes the one-sided reward in the distribution struggle for power, goods and attention. Those who have greater resources at their disposal find it easier to increase them further.

The group exhibition shows artistic positions that deal with the themes of success and failure, power and powerlessness as well as poverty and wealth.

Gordon Endt (Emsland), Hannah Gieseler (Berlin), Florian Huber (Hamburg), Sven Kalden (Berlin), Vladimer Lado Khartishvili (Georgia), Gala Hernández López (Spain), Patricia Paryz (Hamburg), Georg Weyerer (Rosenheim), Florian Genzken (Vienna)

When: Friday, May 31, 2024, 6 pm
Where: GEH8
Program: Kick-off with a performance by Patricia Paryz and Dresdner Kneipenchor in the summer garden

May 31 – July 7, 2024

Fri, Sat & Sun 3 – 7 pm