“Festival Literatur Jetzt!”

19. – 20.10.2012

“LITERATUR JETZT!” 2012 – 4th Festival of Contemporary Literature in Dresden from October 17 to 21.

From October 17 to 21, “Literatur Jetzt!”, the “Festival of Contemporary Literature” in Dresden, will take place for the fourth time in 2012. The aim of “LITERATUR JETZT!” is to make literature more present in Dresden’s public sphere. The artificial and inhibiting boundaries between so-called literary subculture and established e-literature are to be torn down in a fruitful way. On five evenings, a wide variety of genres will be presented in all their diversity and vitality. At the same time, literary scenes and different parts of the audience will come into contact with each other, which are otherwise hardly in contact with each other.

19.10.2012 from 8 pm

Marcel Beyer in dialogue with photographer Werner Lieberknecht. Moderated by Hans-Peter Lühr. Threshold awareness and border crossings

20.10.2012 from 16 o’clock

Independents’ Day – The Night of Independent Publishers | from 4 p.m. Fair & Café. 6 p.m. Panel discussion of the Independent Publishers. 8:00 p.m. Frisch & Neu: Readings by authors (including Jan Off, Felicia Zeller, Norbert Lange, Nancy Hünger).