HEIMAT – Das Bild als Ort der Identität

Opening: 04.09.2015 19:00
Exhibition: 04.09. – 06.09.2015
Opening hours: 10 -18 h

In times like these, the term “homeland” is a controversial peculiarity of the German language. After all, it means more than the geographical borders of the country of origin.

Seventeen young artists question the collective and individual identity behind the concept of “Heimat”. Using a wide variety of artistic methods, they confront its dimensions beyond the linguistic.
Does the globalized human being still have a home at all, or only a home?

“Home” – do we even need this word anymore? Do we need a sense of home? Is home a term for the template of childhood imprinting that no longer fits the crises of our present? Does the concept of home live only in the past, and if so, has there always been this unalterable nostalgia? This frightening urgency with which one lures the angry and worried? Is the “homeland” a reverently dragged along linguistic relic that no one has yet dared to bury? Something like hippies, or sheepdogs?

Or is home an indispensable basic human need, a more spiritual than physical space that gives us stability and strength?

Between past and present and between inner and outer reality, the young artists in the Geh8 art space show their search for a visualization and differentiation of the concept of home.

Jan Kunze
Dominique Hille
Simon Rosenthal
Maria-Katharina Morgenstern
Oliver Kummer
Agnes Wrobel
Wiebke Hermann
Ioannis Malegiannakis
Katharina Baumgärtner
Ruben Müller
Michaela Dehnert
Melanie Kramer
Marie Athenstaedt
Elise Beutner
Erika Richter
Johanna Failer
Lisa Pahlke

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