GHOSTS history is always now

03.10. – 18.10.2009

Opening: 03 October, 18.30 h
Exhibition duration: 03.10. – 18.10.2009
Opening hours: Fri – Sun, 16.00 – 20.00 and by appointment

Photo collages from Armenia seeking the course of change

The geopolitical transformation in the Caucasian area around 1990 manifests the backdrop of the young Armenian artist Arman Tadevosyans works. In 2009 he enjoyed an artist in residence program in Dresden with his temporary studio at geh8 Kunstraum und Ateliers. During this time he also established the contact to the Dresden photographer and cultural manager Harald Schluttig who, in consequence, was invited to exhibit in Guyrmri, Armenia last spring. Within the emerging collaborative GHOSTS project, between geh8 Kunstraum und Ateliers and 5th Floor cultural Group, they are now presenting initial project works together.

With the GHOST exhibition at geh8, Arman Tadevosyan is suggesting a subjective artistic view on two suburban areas “Mush” and “Sheram” on the outskirts of Guymri. These satellite cities was originally projected after the great earthquake in 1988, back in former Soviet Union. As a result of Armenia’s new established national independency, the initiated construction works were cancelled. Also Harald Schluttig was introduced to Mush and Sheram during his stay in Guymri and adds photographic works as brief comments, reflecting the viewpoint of the temporary visitor.

The presented works are communicating multiple aspects on the state of the art at this certain place in Armenia.

A place which, through its spirit and origin, seems to constantly search for references for understanding and interpretation, thereby reaching back to the dynamic local and global transformations around 1990. Good and evil, hope and disappointment are merging together into a specific visual mode, offering the audience an alternative option for unprejudiced reflection, applicable on other places and situations.

Within the exhibition opening on the 3rd of October two short lectures will be given, on the background of the GHOSTS project by geh8 curator Nilsson Samuelsson as well as a lecture on aspects of artistic expression adopting a geopolitical content by the artist Katja Hoffmann-Wildner.



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