Frank Gratkowski “Artikulationen E”

15. August, 20:00 o’clock

The Berlin-based saxophone and clarinet virtuoso Frank Gratkowski (D) as, cl, bcl, comp, has been giving solo concerts since 1990. With his solo program he was a prize winner of the competition “Musik Kreativ” in 1991 and in the same year a CD with the title “Artikulationen” was released.

Since then he has been continuously developing his solo work, performing in a wide variety of situations (jazz festivals, new music festivals, museums, galleries, clubs, etc).

The music was developed on the basis of improvisation, using a variety of means. Formal sequences, sound material and sound production are used to create structure, so that each piece has a specific character. A crucial part of the concept is the experimental sound exploration of the instrument.

With his solo music, Frank Gratkowski also repeatedly seeks encounters or confrontations with other art forms such as painting, sculpture, dance, literature, film and multimedia projects.

Since 1999 he has been making extensive annual concert tours with “Artikulationen” in the USA and Canada. In 2008 he was a guest at the Moers Festival with Artikulationen.

He will perform the project Artikulationen E with live-electronics. For this, eight boxes will be set up in a circle around the audience, which will be controlled live during the performance via a computer program and a controller developed by Gratkowski himself.

Entranceprice: 8,- / 5,- € (red.)