3rd international Elbe Dock Festival

3rd International Documentary Film Festival ELBE DOCK  

The documentary film festival for debuts of Czech and European directors will come back to Ústí nad Labem and Dresden in autumn. During the festival, the Pavel Koutecký Prize for beginning documentary filmmakers will be awarded for the 14th time. The programme of works by Czech and European filmmakers will be shown from 1 to 6 September in Ústí nad Labem and from 5 to 6 September in Dresden. In addition to numerous films in Czech and international competition, the guests can expect installations in a construction wagon, commented city tours, concerts and the opening of unconventional and previously inaccessible spaces. The theme of this year’s festival is manipulation – in film, in advertising, in politics, with image, editing, context and with the audience itself.

After the organizers had informed the visitors of the ch. After the organizers have transported the visitors of the ch. festival part to Dresden (i.e. manipulate them), the program there begins. It includes manipulative music, a festive evening in the style of the manipulative festival advertising campaign, but above all the presentation of the ch. series “Česká soda”. The satirical cult series from the nineties is based, apart from its humour, to a large extent on manipulation through videos and information. At the end of the evening, visitors can take a walk through a Norwegian landscape as part of the Slow TV film format. On Sunday, the guests can look forward to an industry event MEET, GREET and SPEAK, a panel discussion with leading Czech and German experts on the subject of manipulation in the media.

When: 05. & 06.09.2020
Start: from 9 am
Where: GEH8 Art Space

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This was Elbe Dock 2020: