Doug Saunders „Arrival City“

An event of the Ecumenical Information Center in the framework of the 8. Umundu-Festivals Dresden.

Reading and Discussion: 25. October, 20 o’clock

The book “Arrival Cities” illustrates the worldwide rural exodus with examples of individual people.
Saunders’ basic thesis is that we are currently in the midst of another – but also the last – wave of migration from the countryside to the city. At present, half of humanity lives in cities; by 2050, that figure will have risen to 70%. Saunders uses various examples to trace successful and unsuccessful arrivals in cities in almost 30 places around the world and introduces readers to his protagonists and their motivations and strategies.

We read individual episodes from the book and invite you to discuss how cities should be designed so that people can arrive there and lead a dignified life.

Organizer: Ökumenisches Informationszentrum
Speaker: Torsten Birne (freier Autor), Silke Pohl (ÖIZ)