DoubleSoloConcert | Alessandra Eramo & Martin Schulze

23. April 20.00 o’clock

After the season opening now follows the next musical event in the art space Geh8! The Italian singer and performer Alessandra Eramo and the Dresden trombonist Martin Schulze present their solo works “Roars Bangs Booms” and “The Shadow of the Trombonist’s Body”.

Alessandra Eramo:
Roars Bangs Booms – 7 Variations for voice and onomatopoeia

Thunder, whistling, crashing, humming, roaring: These onomatopoeic words visualize the various sounds of the modern industrial landscape. As part of the manifesto of futuristic music “The Noise Art” by Luigi Russolo, they are the starting point of this performance, for which 101 years later I wrote seven variations for human voice in which noise has not only become a leitmotif in music, but musical material itself.
I internalize these sounds, I listen to them, I record them in urban soundscapes of the present, I transcribe these sounds in drawing and interpret them with my voice and my body to reveal their beauty, playing with the expectation and imagination of the audience.

Bad Alchemy: “Eramo turns her whole body into a means of expression, a beatboxing, tongue-clacking, slurp-crackle-sibilant medium”

Skug Magazine: “Alessandra Eramo could be an illegitimate daughter of early Moondog”.

Berlin-based singer, sound artist and composer Alessandra Eramo’s artistic work explores the relationship and tension between vocality and writing through sound, performance, installation, drawing and video. She radically expands her voice as her main instrument to discover a personal visceral and archaic language. Exhibitions and performances in Europe, Turkey, USA and Canada, among others at: museum FLUXUS+ Potsdam, Torna Istanbul, Deutschlandradio Kultur, Galerie Haus am Lützowplatz Berlin, Liverpool Biennial, Lyd & Litteratur Festival Aarhus, Roulette New York, Sonic Circuits Festival Washington DC, 54th Venice Art Biennale. Her compositions have been featured on international experimental music labels. She is co-founder of the label “Corvo Records Vinyl & Sound Art Production”, on which her solo LP “Come ho imparato a volare” and her 7” “Roars Bangs Booms” were released.Collaborations with musicians, composers, performers and poets such as Tomomi Adachi, SJ Fowler, Seiji Morimoto, Gino Robair, Doug Van Nort, Marta Zapparoli.


Martin Schulze:
The shadow of the trombonist’s body – a composition for the Geh8

Martin Schulze is trombonist with Banda Comunale and interpreter of contemporary improvisation and composition e.g. with “Neue Dresdner Kammermusik” or as a guest with “ensemble Courage” and “Sinfonietta Dresden” He organizes the concert series “Atelierkonzerte für improvisierte und experimentelle Musik” since 2007 .

Starting points for the solo piece “The shadow of the trombonist’s body” are the conditions of the space Geh8 and the musician in it, trombonist and body, which as a person with his instrument forms an identity , a unity. What can be heard ? The trombone, the room or the air?

And when do we see ? The musician, the trombonist or only shadows? It is about the whole.

Entrance price: 6,-/10,- Euro

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