DAY IN DAY OUT – Disturbances of the digital

Exhibition from 26.09. – 18.10.2015
Opening: 26.09, 18.00 clock
Opening hours: Thu-Sun 16-19 h

The exhibition DAY IN DAY OUT explores and produces “Disruptions of the Digital” from 26.09. – 18.10. 2015 at the Dresden Kunstraum geh8. Based on works by international artists, the program in cooperation with the ERC research group ‘The Principle of Disruption/Das Prinzip der Störung’ of the TU Dresden spans several evenings where artists, scientists, theorists, activists and designers present and discuss contemporary disruptions in digital times.

DAY IN DAY OUT is dedicated to the degrees of freedom in closed systems: the poetic that overrides structure, the artistic that emerges from the technical, the unexpected and productive that emerges in malfunctions. The focus is thus on malfunctions of digital apparatuses, images, writings, and numbers that, at the beginning of the 21st century, make us dream of the openness of closed systems.
After the Saturday opening and subsequent sound performance by the New York artist and musician James Hoff (Primary Information/PAN), lectures, lecture performances, and discussions will take place in the exhibition rooms on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. under the alternating titles POETRY, PRINCIPLES, and POLITICS.


  • Sat. 26.09.
    / 6 p.m. DAY IN DAY OUT – Disturbances of the Digital, Opening
    / 11 pm Sound Performance James Hoff (New York): Operation Olympic Games
  • Thu. 01.10.
    / 7.30 pm POETRY – Lectures, Lecture Performances, Discussions
    Simon Roloff / Constant Dullaart / Marian KaiserThe first evening of our series is dedicated to artistic, technical and literary forms of code manipulation. How do effects and moments of openness arise within closed systems? Poetry from a 26-letter alphabet? Art from code? What can our contemporary use of data learn from artistic strategies of 20th century concrete art and avant-garde poetry? While media theorist and writer marian talks about the void between signs and author, literature and cultural studies scholar Simon Roloff (University of Hildesheim) talks about ‘information overflow’ as a writing strategy in 20th century poetry, Dutch artist Constant Dullaart will demonstrate in a lecture performance what you can do with images if you only know that they are actually made of writing these days. Concentrating on the materiality and processuality of images, writings and numbers allows a different view on contemporary discourses about data and their use: Is it still possible to dream of the subversion and opening of closed systems within the communication systems of the 21st century, in times of Big Data and Surveillance Technologies? Is there a poetry of data? Or none without?
  • Thu. 08.10.
    / 7.30 pm PRINCIPLES – Lectures, Lecture Performances, Discussions
    Lars Koch / Johannes Pause / Anna Schürmer / Tanja Prokić / Moritz Mutter / Elisabeth HeyneThe second evening of our event series will be organized by the media, cultural and literary scholars of the ERC research cluster ‘The Principle of Disruption’ at the TU Dresden. Starting from a kind of glossary of different terms of ‘disruption’ (e.g. noise, de-automation, trauma), the theorists will enter into communication with the exhibition objects in the rooms of GEH8. The principle here is that the theory is not allowed to talk about the surrounding artworks under any circumstances, while at the same time every spoken word and every concept necessarily makes the surrounding art appear differently. In this way it is to be prevented that the theory talks in the strong sense ABOUT the art, art and theory interfere with each other much more productively, intersect and cross each other. In 6 short lectures of 10 minutes each, discussion impulses will be given by: Prof. Lars Koch (literature and media scholar), Dr. Johannes Pause (film scholar) Dr. Tobias Nanz (media scholar), Anna Schürmer (music scholar and media historian), Tanja Prokić (literature and cultural scholar) Moritz Mutter (sociologist and cultural scholar), Christina Rogers (cultural scholar and migration researcher), Elisabeth Heyne (literature scholar).
  • Do. 15.10.
    / 19.30 Uhr POLITICS – Lectures, Lecture Performances, Discussions
    Marek Tuscinsky / Mari Bastashevski / Gerald NestlerThe data activist Marek Tuscinsky (Tactical Technology Collective), the photographer, artist, curator and journalist Mari Bastashevski and the Viennese artist Gerald Nestler present and discuss their takes on political activism in the digital society of the 21st century. Marek Tuscinsky will talk about datafication, surveillance and his experiences with their effects on different cultures, societies and places. The Tactical Technology Collective works with an international network of activists. It has developed a practice-based perspective on contemporary technological changes that transcends the eurocentric notions of the current discussion and challenges fashionable positions of (e.g.) ‚radical transparency’. Mari Bastashevski, who also takes part in our exhibition, will introduce us to her work that combines investigative research, journalism and art, deliberately blurring the boundaries among them in an attempt to challenge existing information delivery modes. How can documents be used in artistic and political practice (and is there a difference)? Finally, Gerald Nestler, who has just published a book on ‚The Making of Finance’ in the stock market will speak on ‚Renegades’, ‚Whistleblowers’ and ‚Traitors’ – the few people that are able to describe (and maybe ‘resolutionize’) a computer-based economic and financial system from within. His take on critique, politics and a future treason-based community can also be perceived in his installation on the ‚Flash Crash’ that is part of our exhibtion.


Karl-Heinz-Adler (Dresden), Mari Bastashevski (Kopenhagen), DataSpaceTime (New York), Paul Elsner (Dresden), Sebastian Hempel (Dresden), James Hoff (New York), Bernhard Hopfengärtner (Köln), Gunnar Green (Berlin), Rick Myers (Easthampton), Juliane Schmidt (Dresden), Christian Thamm (Dresden), Olaf Val (Kassel)

Lectures and Lecture Performances:

Mari Bastashevski (Künstlerin und Journalistin, Kopenhagen/Zürich), Constant Dullaart (Künstler, Berlin/Amsterdam), Elisabeth Heyne (Literaturwissenschaftlerin, Dresden), Moritz Mutter (Soziologe und Kulturwissenschaftler, Dresden), Gerald Nestler (Künstler und Autor, Wien), Johannes Pause (Filmwissenschaftler, Dresden), Tanja Prokić (Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaftlerin, Dresden), Simon Roloff (Medienwissenschaftler, Hildesheim), Anna Schürmer (Musikwissenschaftlerin- und Medienhistorikerin), Marek Tuscinsky (Aktivist, Tactical Technology Collective, Berlin)


Paul Elsner, Holger Birkholz, Marian Kaiser

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European Research Council Forschergruppe ‚The Principle of Disruption’ der TU Dresden, Leitung:
Prof. Lars Koch, Professor für Medienwissenschaft und Neuere deutsche Literatur



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Exhibition – geh8 Kunstraum

Images: Paul Elsner